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Young Readers' Creations

Any time young readers draw pictures, make videos, or whatever about one of my books, I will post their work here! (Send your creations to

Games, Pix, and Recipes from my Historical Fiction

Games, Pix, and Recipes from:

The Riddle of Penncroft Farm

A Buss from Lafayette

A Scalp on the Moon

Music, Songs, and Dances

Music was a huge part of my childhood, so I could not resist including lots of music in my stories. I will be posting recordings of some of these songs, dances, etc. here!

Santa's Izzy Elf Stories Reviews

What Reviewers & Readers Say About the Izzy Elves


Editorial Reviews


"A little elf's clandestine adventure as a stowaway on Santa's sleigh takes an unexpected turn in an engaging contemporary spin on the classic 19th-century poem, "A Visit from St. Nicholas". . .The author propels her present-day take on the classic Christmas poem with gentle humor and suspense, smoothly incorporating lines from the original poem into her lively tale about a stowaway elf." -Kirkus Reviews


This is a highly original and wonderfully developed children's book that is sure to be a big hit around the holidays. Including elements that will appeal to young girls and boys alike, Jensen's narrative rhymes the whole way through . . .while creating playful sentences that move it along. . .By coming up with a creative and engaging story, Jensen has succeeded at crafting a memorable Christmas story for children that is so good it's possible it will be enjoyed year round. -Red City



Tizzy, The Christmas Shelf Elf is a lovely rhyming book begging to be read aloud in the tradition of the classic poem "A Visit from St. Nicholas", more commonly known as "Twas The Night Before Christmas" penned by Clement Clarke Moore. . .What I love the most about Tizzy, The Christmas Shelf Elf is that it is a true "read-aloud" story. While the book is indeed illustrated beautifully by

Michelle Alfonso, I think children will be totally captivated by the story. . .All in all, this rhyming book is perfect for reading aloud to. . .children ages 5 and older.



Your family of adorable elves teaches a high standard of language use and positive messages, making the experience very worthwhile and one a child will enjoy over and over. –Linkedin Recommendation


Selected and Reviews


My grandchildren really loved the story of Dizzy the Stowaway Elf. Thank you so

much for the Christmas fantasy! It's always easy to spot a winner in the eyes of a

child. 5 Stars


AWESOME. This book is going to be a family tradition. I read it myself first to

see if the kids would like it then I read it to them. They made me read it twice

and they want me to read it again tonight. Love it. 5 Stars

I loved this Christmas book. The illustrations are amazing and colorful. I like the

way it is written and it keeps the kids interested...If you have kids (or not) you

will all enjoy it. 5 Stars


Delightful holiday story told in rhyme. Illustrations are colorful and

appealing, and verse is rhythmic, a combination sure to speak to children.

My niece read them to little ones she was babysitting and they were a big hit.

They're really clever, sweet stories. 5 Stars


Cute, cute book for all ages. Want to get all of these elf books. Perfect for reading

every Christmas, or anytime. 5 Stars


. . .this is such a cute story. My little one loves it. No matter how many times we

read it he is entranced in the story like he is hearing it for the first time. 5 Stars

Great book 7 year old picked it up and read it cover to cover and he hates

reading…all of her books are great. 5 Stars


I love how the books reflect the world of our kids, and all the technology they

have to learn and master...while still keeping the mystery and joy of Christmas

alive...a masterful blend of reality and fantasy.


I wish this future classic had been around when I was a child. I smiled the entire

time I was reading it. I would recommend every parent, grandparent and teacher

to add this to their collection. 5 Stars

Tizzy, the Christmas Shelf Elf: Santa's Izzy Elves #1

Owen and Alex, two naughty little boys, sneak downstairs before dawn on Christmas morning. They open one of their gifts and find Tizzy, one of Santa’s elves, who was packed inside by mistake. Can they get him home to the Pole 1) before the big Elf Celebration and 2) before their parents come downstairs!

Blizzy, the Worrywart Elf: Santa's Izzy Elves #2

Blizzy, Tizzy's "favorite lass", is the only elf who notices that Tizzy is missing on Christmas morning. When she starts questioning all her friends about when they saw him last, and where Tizzy could possibly be, however, they think she is just being a "worrywart". What Blizzy REALLY is, however, is very, very clever, and she just might figure out the mystery!

Dizzy, the Stowaway Elf: Santa's Izzy Elves #3

Dizzy has worked all year next to his friend, Tizzy, and heard all about his Great Adventure. The trouble is, Dizzy wants to have an adventure, too! He sneaks aboard Santa's sleigh, and finds all the adventure he's dreamed of with two little boys, Stuart and Drake. They share a wild joy ride and plenty of fun in this third "Izzy Elves" story.

Frizzy, the S.A.D. Elf: Santa's Izzy Elves #4

Frizzy styles dollies’ hair, but misses them dreadfully when Santa takes them away on Christmas Eve. (She suffers from S.A.D.: Seasonal Affection Distress.) Frizzy decides she needs to start making something completely different (and "yuck"), but soon finds that her plan isn’t going to work out exactly as she intended!

A Buss from Lafayette Teacher's Guide

"A fantastic document any middle school teacher would love to use while expanding on the many aspects of this fiction/non-fiction youth book!" - Middle School Teacher and Principal

A Buss from Lafayette

Clara Hargraves, 14, has a couple of big problems: she has a new stepmother (who used to be her old maid schoolteacher aunt) and she has red hair (which means she is constantly teased). During the last week of June, 1825, her small New Hampshire town is abuzz about the Revolutionary hero Lafayette's visit to the state. As a result, Clara just might find that her problems are not quite so terrible after all.

The Riddle of Penncroft Farm

The Riddle of Penncroft Farm was an International Reading Association Teachers' Choice Selection and a Jeanette Fair Award winner. It was also a Master List Selection for the William Allen White Children’s Book Award, the Rebecca Caudill Award, the Mark Twain Award, the South Carolina Children’s Book Award, the Hoosier Young Readers Award, and the Sunshine State Young Readers Award. The Riddle of Penncroft Farm also won 1st place in the Historical Fiction category of the 2014 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards, 25 years after its original publication!

The American Revolutions

Here is the beginning of a non-fiction piece I wrote for a series of history books for kids. I tried to write (as I always do) as if I were just talking to the reader and explaining things in the most entertaining way possible.

It ended up being rejected because it was too funny for serious history, apparently. This pretty much convinced me to continue writing fiction instead, so I could leaven history with humor as much as I want.

Anyway, this has been languishing on my computer (or series of computers) for nearly 25 years. I'm getting it ready to publish it myself.

The Catherine Moorhouse Regency Trilogy

"Wonderfully involving Regency saga...these complex plot machinations, the richness of the writing and the fullness of the characters are sure to leave readers for whom sex and violence are not the sine qua non eagerly awaiting the...volumes of this trilogy."