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Below is a video of "Carrigain's Poem", sung to the melody "Scots Wha Ha Wi Wallace Bled."


This song was composed in honor of Lafayette's visit to Concord, new Hampshire on June 22, 1825. In it, New Hampshire was referred to as the Granite State for the very first time.


The performance below was at the New Hampshire State House on Lafayette Day, May 20, 2019.

Ok, ok. Let's be frank. I basically bribed my oldest grandson, Stuart, to read The Riddle of Penncroft Farm. Part of the deal was that he had to answer questions about the story to show that he had actually read it. Here is the "quiz" we did together. (The imp in the background is Stu's younger brother.)



Short Videos of Me Reading the Beginning of All the Izzy Elf Stories

Here's Reading With Your Kids podcast host Jed Doherty, doing his magic thing. The woman in the picture is NOT me, however. : )