My Bublish page has hundreds of explanations about where my ideas come from and my writing process. And it has had well over 100,000 hits!

A technological snafus has removed A Buss from Lafayette, its several hundred "bubbles" (author insights), and something like 75,000 "hits" from my Bublish account. I will try to re-post this book on Bublish and start writing about it ASAP.

On Pinterest I have posted many pictures about people, places, and things I refer to in my historical fiction.

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For Teachers

Dear Teachers,

If you have read any of my historical fiction novels with your class, I would be happy to "beam" into your classroom via Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts (gratis) to answer questions students might have (schedule permitting).

Contact me at dorotheajensen@​ to set up a classroom e-visit.

Also, if any of your students create art, video, or other pieces about any of my books, please send them (or links to them) to jensendorothea@​ and I will post them on this website. (Note the Young Readers' Creations link to the right.) I will also put them on!



P.S. Check out the Songs/​Music/​Dances page (link to the right) which has recordings of music from my books you can play for your classes!

This book has been used in classrooms across the U.S. to enrich the study of the American Revolution ever since it was first published. Many dedicated teachers have posted quizzes, lessons, etc. about Riddle online. You'll be amazed what you will find there! (Like the following video!)

Fun Stuff &

Selected Works

Any time young readers draw pictures, make videos, or whatever about one of my books, I will post their work here!

Games,pictures of people/places/things, and recipes for historic food found in my historical Fiction.

Games, Pix, and More about the Izzy Elves!

Recordings of music etc. from my historical fiction.

Illustrated Christmas Stories in Verse

This Christmas tale in verse celebrates the power of children's imaginations and the magic of books.

What happens back at the North Pole when Blizzy discovers that Tizzy is missing on Christmas morning?

Dizzy the elf, Tizzy's best friend, finds all the adventure he wants (and more) when he hides in the back of Santa's sleigh!

Frizzy tries to cure her S.A.D. (Seasonal Affection Distress) by making something new (and "yuck") that she won't miss when Santa takes it away for delivery on Christmas Eve.

Educational Material: Classroom Guide

A complete unit of lesson plans for using A Buss from Lafayette as a springboard for teaching about the American Revolution and Lafayette in 5-9 grade classrooms.

Historical Fiction for Young Readers

Sometimes a little kiss can change everything. . .especially a little kiss from a world famous hero of the American Revolution!

"The American Revolution comes alive... A wonderful book that melds both past and present together... "


An excerpt of a work-in-progress: amusing myself with history!

Regency Romantic Comedy

ôSplendid and sophisticated Regency to read...fine characterization and period dialogue."

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