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A Scalp on the Moon

I am working on a story set in Massachusetts in 1675, during the outbreak of King Philip's War. My working title for this is A Scalp on the Moon. I got interested in this era when I moved back to New England and started doing genealogical research. In doing so, I discovered that this war, which based on percentage of the population killed, was the bloodiest in American history, was actually started by two men from my family tree, William and John Salisbury. They fired the opening shots and were the first two English casualties in that conflict. It will not be their story I will be telling, however. They were just the hook that engaged my interest.

In Massachusetts Colony in 1675, it is a time of great unrest and fear, as the Wampanoag and other Native American tribes are realizing that the English settlers are an unsettling, permanent and growing presence in their midst. For their part, some of the superstitious colonists insist they keep seeing a scalp on the moon, a portent that something terrible is about to happen. With the outbreak of King Philip's War this portent might turn out to be all too accurate.

Only about four chapters in, I am working on this historical novel set in 1675 Massachusetts (during King Philip's War). I'm not sure who the target audience will be, but likely it will be for young adults.