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Dizzy, the Stowaway Elf

". . .[a] lively tale about a stowaway elf" - Kirkus Reviews



Dizzy, the Stowaway Elf is Story Monster Approved

The Story Monster Approved program recognizes

accomplished authors in the field of children's literature,

as certified by adult judges and tested by kids.


Dizzy, the Stowaway Elf received Honorable Mention

in the Picture Book for 6 and Older Category

in the 2014 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards.


Dizzy has worked all year next to his friend, Tizzy, and heard all about his Great Adventure. The trouble is, Dizzy wants to have an adventure, too! When he sneaks aboard Santa's sleigh, he finds all the adventure he's dreamed of with two little boys, Stuart and Drake. They share a wild joy ride and plenty of fun in this third "Izzy Elves" story.


Appealing Energy and Colorful Verbal Imagery

A little elf’s clandestine adventure as a stowaway on Santa’s sleigh takes an unexpected turn in an engaging contemporary spin on the classic 19th-century poem, “A Visit from St. Nicholas”...The author propels her present-day take on the classic Christmas poem with gentle humor and suspense, smoothly incorporating lines from the original poem into her lively tale about a stowaway elf.

Kirkus Reviews

Might Become a Family Favorite

Her rhyming story about an elf on Christmas eve is excellent for ages 8 to forever, as it tells a great story about Santa and the mishaps naughty children can make happen. It might become a family favorite. . . Suitable for middle-grade readers or can be read aloud to younger children.

A Wonderful Book

This is a wonderful book and I am going to look into buying the previous books in the series. This would make a wonderful addition to a Christmas bedtime story collection. I think this book is perfect for preschool children but older children would certainly enjoy it as well. 4.5 STARS

–Goodreads Reviewer

Adorable Book

This is an adorable book for your kids to read. Ours just loved it. 5 STARS

–Goodreads Reviewer

All of her Books are Great

Great book 7 year old picked it up and read it cover to cover and he hates reading if you have kids i would say get it....all of her books are great. 5 STARS

–Goodreads Reviewer

[Younger Kids]. . .Will Like the Bright Pictures and Rhythm of the Story

This is a cute, different Christmas book about an elf who hides on Santa's sleigh to have an adventure. It follows the rhythm of "The Night Before Christmas" so it is fun to read. Between the word count and some of the difficult words (to keep the rhythm and rhyme), the story may be better suited to middle elementary aged kids. If you have younger kids, they will like the bright pictures and rhythm of the story. 4 STARS

–Goodreads Reviewer

A Fun Story Line

What a cute story. This book has adorable illustrations and a fun story line about an elf who sneaks in to Santa's sleigh. We read this book with my 3-year-old and quite a few of the words were over her head. This book is definitely for an older child. We enjoyed the book, nonetheless, and will certainly read more of Dorothea Jensen's books in the future. 4 STARS

–Goodreads Reviewer