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Bizzy, the Bossy Boots Elf

The crucial moment when Bizzy finds the perfect holiday spot online: Santa Claus Lane!


(Animated picture by Shayne Hood)


Bizzy (Santa's "Right Hand Man") is a great organizer. He not only convinces S. C. (Santa Claus) to let the depressed Izzy Elves go on a much-needed vacation, but he finds a great place where they can blend in—Santa Claus Lane. What he doesn't plan on, however, is the other elves calling him "bossy boots," or two smart boys, Henry and Miles, recognizing the Izzies despite their disguises.


A Delightful Christmas Book for Children —

Classic and also contemporary and timely!


This is such a charming and entertaining new addition to Dorothea Jensen's wonderful, award-winning series of contemporary Christmas stories in verse, modeled on the 19th century classic poem, "A Visit from St. Nicholas." I love them all, but this one, I think, is my favorite and not to be missed this holiday season. It's absolutely delightful! I love its timely theme of Santa's elves longing to get away from their normal surroundings at the North Pole and to go to a warm clime full of delights. I think we can all relate to these longings right now! And maybe what I love most is the book's spirit—it's just so fun and breezy and funny and positive.


And its super-witty rhymes and witty references to contemporary life will have a direct appeal to the minds and hearts of today's children. The illustrations are wonderfully engaging—so colorful, contemporary, whimsical, and imaginative and at the same time evoking classic illustration styles of the past. This is so hard to achieve! And the poetic language of the book also shows this same kind of double evocation of past children's classics and the contemporary life of children.


I'm a parent and I was so delighted reading this book and enjoying its illustrations, from start to finish. It's not only a book that will engross and entertain children--especially during the holiday season--it will also be greatly enjoyed by any adult reading to a child. 5 stars  —Martha B, Goodreads

So much fun!


". . .the perfect Children's book series. Enjoy!" 5 Stars

                                                                 —Sally Vail, Amazon

Bizzy Pix

Here's Bizzy in his normal, working clothes!

(You can see he "means business?")

And here's Bizzy in his new swimming suit,

all set to take a dip at Santa Claus Lane!