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A Buss from Lafayette


Clever young Clara Hargraves has a couple of big problems. First her stepmother (formerly her spinster aunt) insists she act like a lady. Second, she has red hair, which makes her a target for teasing, especially by her annoying brother, Joss, her conceited cousin, Hetty, and a handsome older boy, Dickon. Could an unexpected playful kiss—called a buss at that time—from the world-famous, charming Revolutionary War hero, General Lafayette, help Clara find her place in the world?



First Place
Young Adult Category
2019 Red City Review Book Awards


First Place
Historical Fiction
Purple Dragonfly Book Awards


Gold Medalist
Middle School/Historical Fiction Literary Classics Book Awards

Middle Grade
Booklife Prize in Fiction


Historical Fiction
2018 Red City Review Book Awards


Young Adult
Book Excellence Awards

Literary Classics Book Awards


Bronze Medalist
Juvenile/Young Adult
eLit Awards


Seal of Approval
Literary Classics Awards


"Best History Books
for Kids to Read" List
Grateful American Kids


"Favorite Author"
Monday Morning Indie


A Buss from Lafayette is a charming work of fiction with many historical facts peppered throughout the novel.  The protagonist, Clara Hargraves, is a strong-willed, tomboyish, quick-witted girl who is fun to read about and makes the pages of the book come to life.  The strengths and accomplishments of General Lafayette are interesting and seamlessly woven through the story of Clara, her family, and her town.  In the end, this is a wonderful novel about a young girl and the events that shape her world. —Red City Review