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The Catherine Moorhouse Regency Trilogy

All three Catherine Moorhouse books
are now available in both Kindle and Nook editions!

These three Regency romantic comedies by Catherine Moorhouse (Dorothea Jensen and Catherine Allen) are linked by major or minor characters.


"This wonderfully involving Regency saga could have come right out of the 19th century...When Adriana — now Adrian — lands a job as tutor to the ward of Sir Nicholas Laidley, the ensuing romantic attraction results in all the complications one could wish for from such a Shakespearean conceit. These complex plot machinations, the richness of the writing and the fullness of the characters are sure to leave readers for whom sex and violence are not the sine qua non eagerly awaiting the...volumes of this trilogy."

- Publisher's Weekly

“Top notch Regency...Fine touches of language and sentiment will impress you.”
- Romantic Times

"Enjoy this heartwarming, entertaining, delightful, gentle love story..."
- Affaire de Coeur

"Splendid and sophisticated Regency to read...fine characterization and period dialogue."
- Romantic Times

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After the death of her father, Adriana Bancroft sets off to find her twin brother, Tate, missing in action in Portugal during the Napoleonic War. Disguising herself as a boy, she finds a position taking care of an unhappy young child - cousin and heir to Sir Nicholas Laidley. This attractive gentleman's enjoyment of "Adrian's" company is surpassed only by his disdain for women, especially the beauty who jilted him as a young man. But Laidley is Adriana's only source of information about her missing brother, so how can she destroy their "friendship" by revealing her true identity? And how can she keep from falling in love with him?


Louisa Newcomb, still mourning the death of her beloved mother, is stunned when her father finds solace all too quickly by marrying an unspeakable woman with two beautiful daughters of her own. Louisa soon finds herself the “ungainly cuckoo in Drusilla Newcomb’s well-feathered nest,” a particularly painful position, especially when her stepsisters are courted by the fascinating Jason Fielding, the Earl of Ashbury. And when Louisa seeks to earn her own independent future by penning a novel satirizing her despicable step relations, she finds that she has unwittingly revealed her own heart.


Dorothea Sandham, trapped as unpaid companion to her distant cousin, Leticia Grayson, reluctantly pays an intrusive condolence call on a grieving young widower, Sir Tate Bancroft. Having lost his bride in childbirth, and goaded by the bullying of "Vicious Letitia", Tate proposes a marriage of convenience to Dorothea. She agrees, but only so that she might care for his infant daughter while he returns to duty in the struggle against Napoleon. The marriage turns quite inconvenient, however, when Tate returns with a gorgeous widow in tow and finds Dorothea in the arms of a charming French count.