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Liberty-Loving Lafayette

". . .a perfect example of how a writer can make history/learning history fun. . .the accompanying art is wonderful."

—David Bruce Smith, author of Abigail and John, founder of the Grateful American Foundation, and co-founder of the Grateful American Book Prize


Coming July 14, 2020!

A unique way to meet and celebrate an important figure in American history.

So, listen up, my children,

              and I'll do my best to tell
How a teenaged French aristocrat

              served all of us so well.

So begins this short rhyming narrative describing the huge role the young Marquis de Lafayette played in our fight for independence.

Inspired by Longfellow's "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, not to mention the smash hit Broadway show Hamilton, Liberty-Loving Lafayette is told in rhyming couplets.



This poetic rendition of history can be used in high school classrooms to teach young Americans about General Lafayette, the French Alliance, and the American Revolution.


It can also be performed in classrooms, assemblies, or larger venues as a short piece dramatizing history.

Liberty-Loving Lafayette will be available soon for pre-order on Amazon and other websites, and will be released this summer in both print and e-book editions. An audiobook is in the works as well!

Early Praise for this Work

"An ode to the great Lafayette, beautifully told and richly illustrated"


Alan R. Hoffman, Translator,

Lafayette in America in 1824 and 1825:

Journal of a Voyage to the United States,

and President, The American Friends of Lafayette



"A great addition to the [Lafayette] canon"


Diane Shaw, Director Emerita

of Special Collections

& College Archives,

Lafayette College




"Dorothea Jensen brings Lafayette to life for all ages"

Chuck Schwam,

American Friends of Lafayette