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I'm proud to be one of the few people living today who has boarded a pirate ship and attacked a Viking ship. (It was the Scandia, a half-sized Viking ship built in 1912, a replica of a buried full-sized one, the Gokstad,uncovered in 1880) It was manned by full-sized Vikings wearing battle regalia. 


 Some details of some of my other experiences:


— Born in Massachusetts, but grew up in Chillicothe, Illinois  (also the hometown of  Johnston McCulley, the writer who created  the character of Zorro  in 1919) 


— Now live in Contoocook, New Hampshire
— Earned a BA in English at Carleton College, and an MA in Education at the University of New Mexico
— Served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in South America


— Taught middle and high school English


— Tutored refugees in ESL


— Wrote a play performed in Noh style  at Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN


— Wrote a play celebrating Lafayette's return in 1824, performed at Old Sturbridge Village, MA


— Write grant proposals for various arts and history non-profits


— Raised three children


— Grandmothering six grandsons

Here I am in "The Beggar's Opera" as Lucy Lockit, about to lose Macheath to the utterly undeserving soprano, Polly Peachum.

For a number of years, I was a singer/actress in amateur and professional companies. (As a mezzo, I usually lost the hero to the soprano.) I have been having fun putting all my old (somewhat rusty) skills to work with video blogs, audio recordings of songs from the stories, audio book recordings etc.